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devHQ continue to win new work in the finance/banking sector. devHQ has been awarded the work to develop an "ISA Management System" for a top UK Bank.  Applications for ISAs peak at the end of the tax year, which creates a huge administrative burden for banks.  ISA applications were also up 52% for the start of the 2010/11 tax year compared to the start of the 2009/10 tax year – so it is a growing problem to deal with.  If applications are not processed in time, people don’t get their ISAs and banks lose revenue.  Banks cope with the additional volume of applications – which can be manually completed at branch level or online – by employing more staff.

The (Alchemy) ISA Management solution allows banks to ‘capacity plan’ – smoothing out the huge volume peaks in processing.  White mail and forms are captured/scanned.  Online forms are sent via an electronic data feed and securely transferred.  Datagrabber extracts the data into hard copy which is printed out/scanned.  ISA applications are pushed into automated workflow for processing.
Provides real-time management information/volumetric, compliance and a full audit trail/proof for the Inland Revenue.

Project Summary:

  • The Solution to scale up to 400 people per server
  • Bespoke Front-end application designed and Implemented using Captaris Workflow and Captaris Alchemy
  • Technologies used include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET Winform and Web application, Microsoft Reporting Services

Project Cost: Between £200,000 and £300,000

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