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devHQ have successfully implemented the Fax Handling/Management operations for the Cheque Clearing/Recall System for a major UK Bank.  When a cheque is paid into the bank, the funds are straight away paid into the customer’s account.  It is not until further down the clearing process that the decision to recall a cheque because of insufficient funds is made.  The bank then has just 5 hours to recall the funds.  If deadlines are not met, the bank’s money remains elsewhere – ultimately hitting the bottom line.  Recalls are received by fax to a centralised offshore operation in India.  There is no permission to print fax in India, so paper processing is not an option.

Volumes are huge and not suitable for traditional workflow.  Putting the paper ‘on-screen’ and eliminating clicking from the process saves time and deadlines are met using less people.

Project Summary:

  • Developed Fax Handling/Management aspect of Business Operation
  • Application developed using OpenText (formally Captaris) RightFAX API, IBM MQ Series,  
    Microsoft Windows Services

Project Cost: Between Between £100,000 and £200,000

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