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We develop IT software solutions that meet your individual business needs.

We develop IT Solutions for medium and (mostly) large businesses.  We have spent years building and nurturing first-class technical teams of architects and developers who are capable of working at all levels within an organisation.  We are proud of our track record, and we love the fact that we still get as much buzz and enjoyment now as we did when we started designing and developing new software solutions that help businesses meet their goals and needs.

Our experienced team is focused on getting the right results, quickly.

Most of our Customers happen to be global IT outsourcing based businesses and they like to keep us very busy.  We have delivered both internal (departmental) based IT Solutions, and Enterprise IT Solutions for their Customers.  But why do these IT Outsourcing giants use us to help them deliver IT Solutions at all?  Well, it’s because over the years we have gained their trust by being instrumental in helping them to successfully deliver some very large and complex solutions.

Typically, we will work with business stakeholders to understand their needs from a strategic, business benefits point of view.  We work with the stakeholders so we may present a solution that everyone can agree upon; a solution to carry forward.  Often, the decision making process requires the attention of many other decision makers.  So, we work very closely with other Solution, Software and Technical architects, as well as Lead Business Analysts and also not forgetting other business departments and other external software vendors and third-party consultancies that will be needed in order to provide full end-to-end systems integration. 

We work as a teamWhy are we often involved in the heart of these large projects, and why do we tend to be involved from the very early stages, all the way through to delivery and support?  Well, it’s because our top experts have many years commercial experience successfully architecting large-scale Business Process Workflow solutions, responsible for coordinating the activities of hundreds or even thousands of people by controlling and managing exactly how information is moved around a business, which often means across different geographic locations spread across different continents.  So we naturally gravitate towards central roles that require deep understanding of both business and technical aspects of the project.  We have to truly understand the “old” business, and how technology will be used to create the “new” business.  In essence it means that we are often the people who help the decision makers make the best decisions to keep their project on track and always heading towards a successful delivery.

When necessary, we work on-site, in the UK, or anywhere else in Europe, but most of the time, we work from our offices in Mansfield and Colchester.  We look at what work needs doing, and agree a fixed price, either for a particular software phase, or for the whole project. Sometimes we work on a time and materials basis, but we believe that fixed price is often best for both ourselves and our Customers as it shows a level of commitment on our part to ensure that project costs do not run away.

Please continue reading to find out what sort of software projects we like to get involved in, and what sort of businesses typically become our clients.  Also find out more about the different sorts of  technologies we use and in what situations.

We are the perfect IT Supplier to Help You Create Your Business IT Solutions

We can help you build perfect IT Solutions for your business

If you are responsible for purchasing/managing/designing a new software solution for your department or business, then please contact us.  Call us now on 01623 600 655 to find out how we can help you.

We always offer free initial consultancy, with absolutely no obligation.  In fact, you can bounce ideas off our experts today, just call us and fire way with your questions.  We are happy to arrange a visit to your office to discuss your needs in more depth.

Above all else we would like to be given the opportunity to find out more about your project and to be able to bid for the work.  If nothing else, contact us to find out how much cheaper, and better, devHQ is than your existing suppliers.

With no obligations, we offer the following free of charge (up to £2000 in value, unless otherwise agreed):

  1. Teleconference to discuss your requirements with our top experts
  2. Site Visit, we will arrange to visit your office to discuss your requirements in more detail and this will also give you the opportunity to find out much more about us.
  3. Full work package, to your specification.  We will provide a detailed work schedule, deliverables and costs.

Reasons to contact us today to discuss your project:

  1. Very competitive pricing.  We offer the same technical capability as large consultancies (we know this because we have worked with many of them for over a dozen years).  
  2. Not tied to a particular product or service, our only concern is the delivering a solution successfully, on time and on or under budget.
  3. Full end-to-end service and can provide 24/7 support when required.
  4. Passionate about what we do, we work hard, and we have rock solid proven experience.
  5. Based in the UK and have security clearance.  We normally work from our offices, but when required we are happy to work on site.
  6. Productivity levels are second to none in the industry.  So you get more for less.  Again we know this from experience having worked with many other, similar, often much larger businesses than us for many years.
  7. We set our own standards so high, that even the toughest customers would still be impressed by the way we work and how we work.  

So what projects are we interested in getting involved in? 

We develop business software solutions of all types, but, unlike many of our competitors we have an excellent track record successfully delivering large, complex, business systems, as well as developing many medium (departmental) and even smaller business solutions.  For large projects, our Customers find our skillset very attractive, because we have spent many years architecting large Business Process Workflow solutions.  Our experts have been developing workflow solutions since 1998 for various global corporations and even the UK government, using products such as Tibco iProcess (and Staffware), Captaris Workflow, Nintex, Microsoft WF and others.

Certainly we are a perfect fit for any Process Workflow, Document, Image, Records Management based system.  But more generally, we are able to develop any kind of Line of Business (LOB) application for your business.  We are experts in bespoke development, customisation and systems integration.

We will help you to build a Line Of Business Application that fits your needs.  The diagram below is an example of how we can mix various components together to build applications that meet your precise needs.  These applications can be hosted in many different ways from traditional to cloud.

Over the years we have developed and successfully delivered solutions by using the components above and developing solutions used by 100's or even 1000's of people within a business. We often develop smaller solutions such as faxing systems responsible for sending 1000’s of faxes every day for various banks.   We have written software that distribute terabytes of data each month across the world to multiple sites and windows services that sit there working 24/7 performing various business functions requiring only absolute minimum support attention.  

Our developers have written 1000’s of lines of code developing full Ajax Web applications using  as well as developing think client (WinForm) applications. We have developed business process workflow solutions that help 1000’s of people do their jobs every day, and introducing huge efficiencies into an organisation at the same time.  We have spent years designing and developing database solutions using Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.  We have designed n-tier solutions using various middleware technologies (IBM WebSphere, BEA Tuxedo, Tibco products, OpenText, Microsoft, etc.)   In the last 24 months alone, we have architected, designed and developed multi-million (£10M+) projects and written many thousands of lines of code in Java, C#, C++, SQL, BPMN 2 and used a stack of platforms (Unix, Microsoft) and libraries and toolkits.

What next for us, how do we make sure we stay up to date?  Well, we have a passion for what we do.  We keep our experts extremely well trained in the latest technologies.  As an example we have now completed our first Rackspace based Cloud based software solution.  We are also develop web applications that work on PC and Mobile as well as developing business applications that run natively on android and apple products such as the iPhone and iPad.

Our current customers keep us busy, but every good company should grow.  So we would very much like to hear from you and find out about your project and your requirements.

Contact us today on 01623 600 655 to find out how we can help you.  Alternatively, find out more about the our Current Customers.

We have built a successful business that is growing every year and we are looking for new Customers.  How can we help you today?

Our software IT solutions helping people work togetherOur Customers are medium and large businesses looking to deploy new departmental and enterprise software solutions within their organisation.  We also work with Large IT Outsourcing based businesses helping them to successfully deliver solutions to their Customers.  In this respect we provide full consultancy, software development, software customisation and integration services as well as full support and maintenance services. 

Examples of solutions we have delivered recently include:

  • (Enterprise Solution) Courts Funds Office System(Finance/Government Sector)
  • (Enterprise Solution) Cloud Based Media Distribution System (Media Sector)
  • (Enterprise Solution) Programme and Project Management Systems
  • (Departmental Solution) Claims and Contract Management Systems
  • (Departmental Solution) Bid Management Systems
  • (Departmental Solution) Sarbanes Oxley Segregation of Duties Analysis System

Our teams have accrued many years of commercial experience working with all major software and technology vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Tibco, OpenText and many others. 

Why choose devHQ to deliver your next IT Solution?

  • We know how important it is to capture and truly understand our Customer’s requirements.  We specialise in Business Process Workflow solutions, using products such as Tibco iProcess.  Transforming business processes requires a deep understanding of how the stakeholders want the business to operate.  It is essential that we learn how a business currently works and how they want to work.  Using this knowledge we architect, design and develop solutions that meet the new needs of the business.  This requires bespoke development, systems integration, introduction of workflow technologies (iProcess, Nintex, Caparis Workflow, etc.).  We have gained the necessary in-house skills to quickly and effectively capture the real requirements from our Customers.
  • We deliver using formal software and business methodologies.  Our highly skilled software architects and lead developers use formal software methodologies and business methodologies such as Prince 2.  Our Customers can choose which formal software methodology they want us to use, such as RUP or Agile for example.  In the past we have used other methodologies such as Yourdon and various (older) OO methodologies.  Of course our experience isn’t something that can be gained by reading a book or attending a course; our top experts each have 15+ years of experience under their belts.
  • We are highly productive compared to our Competitors.  We have developed our own unique methods of working that guarantee high productivity and high quality.  In our estimates we are often three times more productive than our competitors.  So our Customers get better value and faster delivery times.  
  • We will not be beaten on price for a like for like solution.  Whilst most of our Customers are large businesses, we do not charge consultancy business rates.  In fact, we are approximately 45% cheaper than many of our competitors.  Our prices are low and allow us to provide solutions to both medium and large businesses equally.

Our Customers come from any of the following sectors

  • Banking and Finance Services
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Pharmaceuticals and Health Sciences
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Utilities and Energy

Call us today to find out how we can help you.  We provide up to £2000 of initial consultancy for free, and there is, without question no obligation on your part to use our services.  Call us today on 01623 600 655 today to talk to one of our experts.

Think of us as your knights in shining armour, we can help you deliver IT Solutions that do what you want them to do, and we do this quickly and cost effectively.

Our architects and team leaders each have over 15 years commercial experience developing many different kinds of IT Solutions.  So as you can imagine, we have spent well over 10,000 hours each writing code using languages such as C/C++/C#, Java, VB, SQL etc.  We have worked with the most common databases from Microsoft, Oracle and others. Even more than that, we have used many other technologies designing and developing front-ends, middleware and databases from the likes of Oracle, IBM, Tibco, OpenText, ComponentOne, DevExpress, and many other vendors that supply API’s, Toolkits, Libraries and so on.

One of our key strengths is the ability to quickly combine different technologies to produce a desired solution in record time. 

devHQ Solutions - we have experience developing Global IT SolutionsWe reuse rather than reinvent.  Bespoke Development is required, but it isn’t what most people think it is.  For us, Bespoke Software Development isn’t all about starting from scratch and building everything ourselves.  Instead, Bespoke Development is the development required to glue existing components, frameworks, and technologies together in such a way that satisfies the requirements.

Components and Frameworks come in different sizes.  For example a full-stack framework (such as Microsoft SharePoint) might provide 80% of what the customer requires out of the box, and the remaining 20% is customisation rather than ‘real’ development.  Let’s assume that the Customer requires more advanced Workflow features than the native SharePoint capabilities, in this case, we would introduce Nintex.  The solution will have been delivered in such a way that only software integration and customisation was required. 

Now let’s also assume that the customer needs a feature, a custom web-part, and there is no out of the box approach available.  We now have to write bespoke software, but again we look at what we could use, and in this example, let’s assume that we could use visual components such as a Grid View for SharePoint from DevExpress, and other components, frameworks, etc from other vendors.  Our experience of these components and frameworks means that we know how to use them, and adding them into a custom web-part means that we can deliver what appears to be “Bespoke Development” very quickly, because again, we have reused what we can. 

Of course, we are a software house, we know how to develop software from scratch when we have to, but we reuse commercial and in-house components and modules when ever it makes sense to.

It’s much like in Formula 1, for example Red Bull Racing don’t make engines themselves, they use the best engine they can afford to buy.  They have built their car by integrating many different components and products from many different vendors.  They then customise the car as much as they can, and when they have to, they bespoke what they need to in order to make everything work better than the competition.  As a software house, we do the same.  We use and reuse technologies and when we need to write bespoke code to make everything work, that is what we do.

Our underlying experience covers software engineering principles, software methodologies, formal business methodologies, computer languages, databases technologies, middle-tier technologies, SAAS and Cloud technologies as well as traditional architectures combined with knowledge from many of the most popular technology vendors.  All together, this puts us in a unique position to be able to create world class solutions (small and large), quickly and cost effectively for your business.

If you are planning a new IT Solution in the next six months then engage with us today to find out how we can be of help.  We often start working with our Customers during the early stages (feasibility / due-diligence) of a project.  Call us today on 01623 600 655 to arrange an appointment so we can come and visit you (anywhere in the UK/Europe).

We have a proven track record, over many years, successfully delivering a wide variety of business solutions.  Whether you require a departmental based solution or an enterprise solution, we can help you.

Our strengths enable us to work with you to properly understand your business requirements and deliver a system that meets them.  Business Software has to work every day and without problems, managers and staff need the confidence that the solution does what it should do without failing. If you are a department head, or responsible for deploying an enterprise wide IT Business Solution then we can help you.  We write departmental solutions, or solutions that cross departments, as well as enterprise systems that are customer and supplier facing.

We develop Departmental and Enterprise Business Systems

Many solutions require the integration of many different types of technology, and we have years of experience making them work together in a seamless fashion.  Building a solution out of existing technologies, modules and components is far more cost effective than building from scratch.  Combining different technologies in the right way allows for solutions to be built that will meet your exact requirements.  This approach is often far cheaper for your business than using an off-the-shelf application because we can deliver a solution that meets your actual needs rather than being constrained by the limitations of the off-the-shelf software.  The amount of time your employees spend using ineffective/inefficient software costs your organisation far more than the cost of a high quality bespoke system that we can create for you.  Sadly in many cases, this fact is overlooked and businesses suffer unnecessarily.

We work with our customers to understand their requirements and work with them during the design and build stages.  The diagram below shows a partial list of components that can be integrated together, creating one or more Line of Business Applications.  The applications created can be hosted in many different ways, from automatic services that are entirely system based and require no user interaction to Applications that run on any type of client computer such as desktops, thin clients, tablets and mobiles.  The application can be run on local servers or be hosted in the cloud.  

We work closely with our customers, making sure that the right system architecture is chosen.  We take into consideration every factor from security, performance, scalability, ease of maintenance, user experience, operational costs, efficiency savings/measurements, reporting and much more.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help you deliver your system on time and on budget.  We refresh existing systems as well as design and implement new systems.  Call our experts today on 01623 600 655.

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